The George and Patti Stranahan Collection

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George and Patti Stranahan, who share a long-time interest in arts, philanthropy and education, have graciously donated their valued personal collection of 80 vintage black and white photographs to Colorado Mountain College.

This collection includes remarkable examples from many of the most iconic names in 20th century photography. The Stranahans collected these photographs over thirty years. George Stranahan is an accomplished photographer who has known, or knows, many of the artists.

The Stranahans have indicated this permanent gift should be used to strengthen the college’s educational mission, and to be widely available to Colorado Mountain College students and the various communities in Colorado Mountain College’s 12,000-square-mile service area.

If you are interested in arranging a loan of this exhibit at your school or business, please contact Alice Beauchamp, Director CMC ArtShare at;, (970) 947-8367.

2 Responses to The George and Patti Stranahan Collection

  1. Vernon Miller says:

    Hi Alice, thanks for the interest in me.
    I live in Bremerton Washington which is where I was born. Had an interest in art since very young. I’m self taught, bought some books, built a darkroom in my basement and learned to print. I used large format cameras, 4×5 up to 11×14, and made platinum and palladium contact prints. I still work in the same darkroom, although at a much slower pace. I am now 66. I quit selling my prints in the late 90’s but still make prints to entertain my wife. Used to own a gym where I trained professional fighters, that’s where the boxing gloves came from.
    Now you know as much as I do!
    I’m glad to be part of such a beautiful collection!

    Vernon Miller

    • alicebeauchamp says:

      Hi Vernon, I’m so thrilled to have made this connection with you. Thank you for the information. I’ll take a picture of your photo as it’s installed and send it to you some how. All best wishes, Alice

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