About CMC ArtShare

CMC believes in the power of the arts and culture to build communities.

ARTSHARE offers a regular series of visual art exhibits at the CMC Gallery located in Glenwood Springs, and a concert series to honor philanthropy in our communities “The Jim Calaway Honor Series.” As a district wide program ARTSHARE presents the arts throughout our various CMC communities. A new and exciting component of ARTSHARE is the procurement and exhibition of “The George and Patti Stranahan Collection,” this iconic collection of 81 black and white photographs is soon to be Colorado Mountain College’s first traveling exhibit.

At the heart of it all lies a commitment to improve the quality of education through collaboration in the arts and with emphasis on the values that civic engagement brings to students. The initiatives of ARTSHARE provides invaluable experiences to our communities as the larger classrooms for all participants ensuring that knowledge flows between the college and our respective communities.

CMC Gallery’s exhibits and programs present a lively mixture of educational, contemporary, and historic art, including notable artwork of our faculty, our students, and local community artists.

Recently featured exhibitions have been “Rush to the Rockies,” “Pinturas de Fe – the Retablo Tradition in Mexico and New Mexico,” “The Gilman Project,” Colorado University’s Natural History exhibits “Temple of the Warriors,” and “Sand Island, Time Etched in Stone,” works by artists Jasper Johns, Herbert Bayer, Christo, Daniel Sprick, Dean Bowlby, and Dan Young.


MIchael Kessler and Alice Beauchamp, August 2012 in CMC ArtShare Gallery’s new space, Glenwood Springs, CO



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